The key challenges of building for edge-computing devices are hardware selection and optimization


FØCAL Edge Ops as a Service

Test your code on real edge devices in FØCAL’s edge device farm

Integrate with your existing CI/CD workflows

Profiling and Performance Reporting

F0CAL EdgeOps@1x.png

Edge Device Farm

We brought the power and ease of cloud provisioning workflows to SBC, GPUs, TPUs and CPUs from NVIDIA, AMD, Google, Intel, Aaeon, and more.

Quickly assess your hardware options instead of wasting time purchasing, building, compiling and testing.

Workflows available for one-time hardware selection and on-going tests triggered by your source builds.


Turnkey CI/CD

Take full control of your instances through convenient CI plugins.

Test on unlimited combinations of devices, kernels, device trees, operating systems, and software stacks.

Performance Focus

We know what you care about. Every instance comes preconfigured with kernel and hardware-level observability hooks baked right in.

Throughput, latency, network usage, power consumption, memory, processor utilization, and everything else you need to optimize your code for given hardware.