The key problem of computer vision R&D is predicting which one of the many possible system architectures will actually meet application requirements


FØCAL modeling environment allows you to:

  • Rapidly simulate hundreds of possible architectures without writing any code

  • Quickly balance pipeline cost, accuracy requirements, and hardware constraints

  • Eliminate guess-and-check method of validating quality of service


Learn more by requesting the Computer-Aided-Design for Computer Vision white-paper


Hardware/Software Co-Design

Don’t wait until deployment to realize your algorithm won’t meet throughput and latency requirements on the target edge device hardware.

FØCAL designer allows you to quickly model hardware performance during the design phase to minimize surprises later.


Before you can train a computer vision pipeline, you need ground-truth. FØCAL provides API access to human analysts and builds humans into our pipelining model as if they were algorithms.

Having human analysts audit a pipeline is as easy as assigning an algorithm to "wetware" instead of hardware.


Design and Derisk

Requirements, algorithms, parameters, hardware, process distribution, IPC mechanisms, communication protocols, cloud/edge boundaries: the choices are many and FØCAL guides you through the design process and derisks your application BEFORE you deploy.

Deploy & Deliver

Manage your hardware selection and allocation, deploy to any compute environment, whether cloud or edge.

Future-proof advancements in technology.

Deep learning today, topological data analysis tomorrow? GPU today and Quantum Compute tomorrow?
Whatever the next miracle technology, FØCAL will make upgrading pain-free.