FØCAL is the first and only computer-aided design stack for computer vision

Design, de-risk, and develop systems from a single environment


Optimize for HARDWARE

Benchmark and predict hardware performance as you design

  • Pipeline throughput and latency projections based on selected hardware

  • See performance impact of every node in the pipeline

  • Compare pipelines to save experimentation time

  • Works with cloud and edge devices



Ground-Truth Pipelines

Annotation isn’t a stand-alone project so why limit yourself to a single-purpose tool.

  • Combine machine and human annotation

  • Task templates

  • Image classification and object annotation

  • Review and modify existing annotations

  • Extensible workflow engine

Data Management

Easy file management tools from ingress to export

  • Upload images and existing annotations

  • Connect to external storage accounts such as Amazon S3 buckets

  • Export images and annotations to common framework formats


FØCAL Demo Pipeline wide.png

Pipeline automation

Design, test, and deploy complete pipelines

  • Build multi-step annotation task workflows

  • Run existing models for algorithm-based annotations

  • Leverage image processing libraries


APIs & Integrations

We realize that not all systems can be designed and deployed from a single platform solution. To make sure FØCAL fits into your development environment there are a number of integration options available.


platform api

The ultimate power of any platform is the enablement of faster development and easier extensibility. FØCAL started as a platform tool to help our own engineering team launch features faster. Our customers have access to the same extensibility as our internal engineers.

  • Build your own custom pipeline nodes

  • Trigger pipelines from external systems

  • Customize annotation environment



Annotation services

When annotation tasks gets too big you might need to consider outsourcing. We can integrate with most crowd-source and specialized annotation service providers. Let us know which service you’re working with or ask us for a recommendation.