The key problem of computer vision R&D is predicting which one of the many possible system architectures will actually meet application requirements


FØCAL simulation environment allows you to:

  • Rapidly simulate hundreds of possible architectures without writing any code

  • Quickly balance pipeline cost, accuracy requirements, and hardware constraints

  • Eliminate guess-and-check method of validating quality-of-service


Image and Video Processing Benchmarks

FØCAL’s experience building and testing vision pipelines has led to an extensive database of hardware models and software libraries.

This data is the key to simulating complex applications and comparing performance across multiple devices, all without writing a line of code.

Get free access to the benchmark database of common OpenCV functions.


Pipeline Profiling

F0CAL Profiler

Do you have an existing code that’s under-performing? FØCAL’s advance profiling tools can give you immediate insight into what’s bottlenecking your application. Our CLI tools integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Hardware Simulation

Don’t wait until deployment to realize your algorithm won’t meet throughput and latency requirements on the target edge device hardware.

Procuring, building, and deploying existing pipelines on new hardware is time-consuming and expensive.

FØCAL Studio allows you to quickly compare hardware performance during the design phase to minimize surprises.


FØCAL Quick-Start Distribution


If you’re just getting started on an image processing project you want to jump right into testing out some concepts.

Don’t stress over downloading and building libraries and dependencies.

The FØCAL distribution delivers pre-built binaries for a variety of hardware and software combinations.