The FØCAL platform extends well beyond typical annotation tools. At FØCAL we understand that annotation is just one step in the computer vision system lifecycle. All customers have access to the core pipeline designer and annotation tools. Depending on the scale and complexity of your project, we have a package to match your needs.


Free for Early-Access Users

  • In-house annotation tasks

  • Access to all pipeline node functions

  • FØCAL cloud processing

  • Leverage local or cloud storage systems


Full Platform Designer

  • Design and deploy complete pipelines

  • Data ingress, annotation tasks, image processing, 3rd party frameworks, custom algorithms

  • Hardware performance modeling

  • Metrics and reporting


Partners & Developers

  • Access to pipeline node APIs

  • Develop and publish custom node functions

  • Platform discounts for sharing custom developed pipeline nodes


Research and Startup Discounts

Find our how FØCAL can help make your research work more efficient or get your startup product to market faster.

Contact our business development team for more information.