Senior Systems Engineer

Cambridge, MA


As a senior member of the FØCAL engineering team, you will oversee daily operations and engineering tasking. You’ll work closely with the CEO/CTO and Head of Product to define the scope and impact of strategic decisions and customer demand. You senior-level experience and interest in being a key member of a small engineering team will establish your position as the team’s mentor and expert. A highly active and dynamic startup environment will keep you challenged balancing between new project work, debugging and supporting existing code, helping other engineers, contributing dev community discussions, jumping on a prospect or customer call, experimenting with new hardware, and representing the engineering team during strategy and design sessions.

Required Qualifications

  • You’re the go-to Linux expert everywhere you go

  • Deep knowledge of POSIX operating systems, kernels, scheduling, and the network stack

  • Strong C++ and Python programming skills with expertise in multi-threading and performance optimization

  • Track record of writing multi-threaded, memory-efficient, high-performance systems

  • Understanding of tracing tools

  • Experience mentoring or leading other engineers

  • Ability to scope and prioritize workload based on high-level directives and company strategic objectives

  • Working understanding of the production engineering process, and associated tooling -- bug trackers, burndown charts, and CI/CD mechanism

  • Comfortable interacting with customers in-person and online; being a voice of FØCAL

  • Build systems and compiler toolchains

  • Degree in CS/CE/EE or equivalent 5+ years of experience

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ability to work in the Cambridge office at least 2-3 days a week

  • An innate understanding of what it means to deliver beautiful developer tooling

  • Experience developing and supporting open source projects

  • Architected and deployed new tools and applications from scratch

  • Worked with IoT and edge-device hardware (Jetson, NUC, Coral, ...)

  • Developed SaaS applications

  • LLVM

Bonus Points

  • Developed or worked on computer vision system and the common frameworks (OpenCV, TensorFlow, TensorRT, …)

  • Working understanding of static analysis tools

  • Active in developer communities (online, meetups, conferences, …)

What We Offer

  • Define your path. There’s always plenty of work to do so you define how you’ll add the most value.

  • Work environment driven by innovation

  • Unlimited hacking on the latest dev boards and computer vision frameworks

  • Flexible remote work

  • Company stock options

  • Health insurance

  • Unlimited vacation time

About us

FØCAL is a seed-stage software company based in Cambridge, MA building innovative developer tools for computer vision systems. We’re currently building the first hardware profiling and simulation environment dedicated to edge deployed computer vision systems. Hardware selection and simulation helps our customers design and deploy high-performance computer visions systems deployed to edge-computing environments.

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