1) A big “Thank you!”

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re a FØCAL supporter, and we need your feedback now more than ever.

2) Our ask

The demo is all command line code. You don’t need anything more than a terminal. If you’re really paranoid, use a VM.

  • sudo install Python 3 and some other basic system utilities.
  • Create a Python virtual environment.
  • Install the f0cal client and run a provisioning workflow.

You should be able to copy/paste each step directly into your terminal.

The SurveyMonkey widget is wonky but, sadly, it was actually the best option.

If this process fails at any point, just leave details in the widget.

3) Try it!

Note that there are a limited number of test devices, and other users may be logged in to them. In that case, the client will have you --wait.

Assuming no waiting on devices, this should all take you about 10 minutes.